Custom Music & Sounds

RO-CO.CO is an acoustic identity firm

We use music and sound to strategically reinforce brand identity, elevate the power of content,
and deepen the connection between people and things.

We Wield Tonality like an assassin's blade

Our process begins with zeroing in on your brand or product. We listen to it, marinate in it, and absorb all of its idiosyncrasies and promises. We help you find new ways to use sound and music to build your brand's equity.

1) Listen: We listen to your needs and gather acoustic intel
2) Create: We create targeted sound and music for your brand, commercial, or product
3) Deliver: We give you what we made, fine tuning until you're as proud of it as we are

What We Do

Music & Sounds

We make music and sounds for interactive environments such as commercials, technology, television, radio, film, products, and installations. We are passionate collaborators, and live to translate gut feelings into sound.

Acoustic Identity

Giving your brand an ownable sound opens up a powerful new channel for connection. It influences intent, drives decision making, and boosts recall: when your audience hears you as well as sees you, you become that much harder to forget.

Music Direction

RO-CO.CO can oversee all music-related aspects of your interactive or visual media projects, connecting creativity with client goals. Our network is broad and ready to work for you. We play the liaison just as well as the piano.

Who we are

RO-CO.CO is a marketing-driven group of composers, musicians, songwriters, and sound designers. We unmute brands and advocate for the power of hearing.

Michael Kendall Partner

Michael has a degree in music composition and worked as a copywriter in digital advertising and eCommerce after college. He's got ears like an owl, is obsessed with details, and is passionate about helping the world think about sound and music as a part of experience and communication design.

Composition, Sound Design, Brand Development

Nathan Hussey Partner

Nathan started All Get Out in the early 2000s and grew it from a scruffy four-piece to a nationally recognized success story. A decade of touring and recording has given him a clydesdale work ethic and a songwriter’s ear. He knows perfect melody when he hears it and slings hand claps like candy at a parade.

Songwriting, Engineering, Sound Editing

Unmute Your Brand

We believe wholeheartedly in the power that music has over human beings, and want to see that power maximized. People can look away, but they have a hard time not listening.

If you're ready to talk, we're ready to listen.

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